Time To Act


Glad you have interest in promoting and advancing composting in Colorado.  To order the Compost Organics’ educational and promotional kit:  Contact me through this website for individual and bulk pricing.

This kit currently consists of a  “Colorado Composts “ quality bumper sticker, post card sized info sheet with a No organics in the landfill logo/badge on the reverse side.  

Your purchase will go towards the furtherance of regenerative practices in composting and rejecting the wasteful practices of dumping organic resources into landfill wherever they may be. Thank you for your visit and consideration.

Bedding Prep PDF Print E-mail



Shredded newspaper


Cut up cardboard


Aged horse manure

Small wood chips

Dead leaves



Pre-soak your ingredients (any combination) for a few minutes.  The result should be damp, as in a moist sponge.  Then, fluff (encourage air) and then place in your bed.